Anonymous said...
is it true that they will remove animagique?

heard these rumors as well… not sure if they have been confirmed tho..

Anonymous said...
small world, number nine?....(judges you)....


Anonymous said...
do you know that they will maybe remove armageddon?


Anonymous said...
Your top 10 rides in dlp?

1. Tower of Terror
2. Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Star Tours
4. Phantom Manor
5. Rock n Rollercoaster
6. Big Thunder Mountain
7. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (dont judge me)
8. CineMagique
9. It’s A Small World
10. Space Mountain

Honorable mention: Armageddon because i love it and i dont understand how you can hate it just ignore the pre show its amazing okay

If you can have the opportunity to build a new attraction in Disneyland Paris, wich one would you create? P.S: I love your blog ;)

oh tough one! i guess the ariel dark ride? i’d also love an update on star tours, since our version is getting so old. i guess i’d also like mystic manor but that wouldn’t really work since we already have phantom manor

Anonymous said...
I'd like to meet the aristocats so bad!

me too! sadly they’re not out very often. they were actually specially made for someone, guess that’s why they’re only out at special events 

Anonymous said...
who is the character you'd like to meet the most (and that you haven't met yet?)

eeyore (met him before but i haven’t seen him for such a long time :(), stitch, pocahontas, mulan, chesire cat. i’m basically the worst character hunter ever. 

Anonymous said...
Hi! I love your blog! I have a quick question if that is okay? I'm going to Disneyland Paris on Monday 27th October to Thursday 30th and was wondering how busy you think it would be? I've gone before for Christmas but never Halloween, so is there anything different you suggest I look for? Thank you!

Hi! It’s probably pretty busy because of the Halloween soiree on the 31st. There’ll be some special Halloween entertainment and decorations so it’s best to check out the schedule when you’re there or before you go! Have fun :)